Solstice reading card 4: Green lines of love and communication:

4. Juno, Goddess of Fertility and Union –

June 17: Celebrating the ancient Roman goddess for whom the month of June is named.

This card shows us an area of fertile growth in our lives. 

My card today is all green, with the glowing eye of the sun at the bottom, spitting out stars. White and yellow lines striving upward, some of them fill a red heart in the centre.

It is the 2 of cups reversed 😦

The 2 of cups is the scene of a handfasting ceremony between 2 ancestral Celtic Spirits: The Horse Goddess and the Green Stag. Selkies and Snakes are the bridegrooms and brides maids. The couple holds one pair of hands up towards the sun. Red hot passion flows from the heart in the centre upwards through these hands and merges with the energy of the sun. Their other hands join downward, love flowing into the 2 cups that stand between them. Male energy into her cup, female energy into his…..

The card is filled with the colours and symbols of fertile growth and abundance and festive celebration. All is wonderful, magical and passionate.

It ‘s just, that it is reversed.

It is true for me and my man right now. there is no reason for any festive mood or celebration at all – rather the reverse is true. All is well, loving and good between Peter and me, we are enjoying a flood of abundance in our lives right now, but we are physically separated by a continent and an ocean. We can communicate, once a day via phone. (He has no WI-fi ) His mom’s sun is setting – fast, filling all of us with dread of what is to come. She is confused and very angry at him for “barging in and meddling in her affairs, her independence.”

We have been through it before, with Peter’s dad.

Yes, we do communicate, once a day – so the lines of communication = the energy flow is still there – and strong, but I would sooo love to just hug him and give some comfort in all this…..

For right now however I am sitting in our beautiful all so VERY GREEN Canadian bush and all I can do is give some advice as to how to deal with someone with dementia and a sporadic memory.


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