Solstice reading day 5: No Strawberries for this Hermit :(

5. Festival of Strawberries –

June 18:

As the strawberries ripen, this card shows us the sweetness in our lives. 

Well, being a Hermit alone in my hermitage definitely has its sweet sides. I can decide, when to do what and otherwise make some room in my daily schedule to do a few things for myself = like working on this spread, read one of my many new books, do some extended meditations or even- – – grzzzwong.

That was it.

Yesterday – that is….

With a loud rumble a large thunderstorm cell collided with a stubborn cold front right over my lonely bush rooftop, dumping a ton of icy hail and then proceed to uproot a few trees and dump them onto our 1500feet long driveway and onto the road into town.

Sure thing, the electricity was all whipped out, and with it the phone lines and the internet connections.

So by 3.00 pm I was truly a hermit, holding up my kerosine lamp to the electricity panel in the dark basement, wondering, how to get all my utilities going again.

The only difference between me and the person on my card now is, that it is the Summer Solstice we are approaching, that the hail is rapidly melting into grey mush, that I am not wearing a green cloak, but a zipped up mosquito jacket and there is no wren, but a nursing Raccoon mother, tits swollen with milk, sitting at my feet and wondering , what just happened. She is hungry but there are no more sweet strawberries to be had for either one of us. She can get some cat kibbles and I have to get to work getting our large generator going so there will be some lights in the house this evening.

By-by quiet rest and meditation 😦

Here comes hermit Mi-Shell in survivor mode…. 😦


2 thoughts on “Solstice reading day 5: No Strawberries for this Hermit :(

  1. Hello in there (peeping into the by now not-too-dimness, I hope), Mi-Shell.
    Wow… People say that we live ‘out bush’, and we do get power outages more often than some, and we do get flooding rains (but never up to the house) and we do get hideously hot weather on some days, and frost on others, and occasionally even an odd tree branch snapping off it high winds… but we never, ever, get snow…

    I love Hermit time, and understand that you would, too… but I agree… this scenario isn’t the Hermit time I’d be aiming for.

    Well done you for only grizzling a little but then getting on with what needs doing. 🌹🌻❤️🌻🌹

  2. And, I forgot to mention, that particularly beautiful card from The Greenwood is one of my favourite cards, from my absolutely favourite deck.

    Peeping inside into that space, the Hermit is welcomed home into his beautiful warm sanctuary after his sweet and seemingly voluntary visit amongst the trees and the wildlife. The light beams at him through cracks in the door, and you can feel the warmth seeping out to greet and embrace him. May your own home be returned to that warm and welcoming state!

    Hugs to you 🌹🌹🌻❤️🌻🌹🌹

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