Solstice reading day 6: Of Sticks and Strengths

6. Oak King – June 19:

A dedication to the Oak King, who is now near the height of his power in his battle with the Holly King.

This card shows us our strength. 


Here I am!!

wielding a big stick at –

  • well, at Ontario Hydro for not turning our electricity back on before Tuesday evening,
  • at Xplorenet in New Brunswick, whom one has to phone to get an internet up-link repaired when it is busted by lightning and who have a 9 1/2 hour waiting line to take your call and then a 5 day wait until someone comes out here to fix it…..
  • and at Peter, for being on “vacation” and currently visiting all kinds of friends and relatives and eating nice food, while I have to eat whatever came half thawed out of my freezers…..
  • Grumble!!!!!

    Well, now to my other strengths – other than growling menacingly:

    Yes, I CAN deal with it all.

    It is a bit exhausting, but I manage. I always do. Stuff like quiet meditation will have to smoulder on the back-burner, but I have a lot of resilience to deal with all the little nasty stuff life throws at me/ us in our daily life.

    At times I have to reach a little deeper into my back pocket to find it and pull it out.

    For example, I have good people skills and with a few phone calls i managed to circumvent all the work order waiting lists and procedures at Xplorenet and have someone come up from Barrie right away. I knew someone who knows someone who knows someone who is / was a patient of mine and was glad to do me a little favour…..

    I got all my wildlife sorted: 2 Raccoon mothers, one not very healthy,, poor thing –  are getting medical care and their food and water on 2 DIFFERENT sides of the house, so that the growling and bite-fights stop. The Mother Bear, that comes around in late afternoon – 2 small cubs in toe, sadly gets none of the cat kibbles but I put some of the stuff from the freezer, that was “out over 24 hours” into the bush close to her day-bed for her, where only she can go and all the Coon- caboodle can not…..

    I am even up to snuff with my jewellery orders! 🙂

    when my strengths alone is not enough or I need the finesse of others, I know, when to call for help and I do.

    For right now, all my sticks are sorted and I can let my guard down a little…..

    Hey man! I am even learning something: How to use our new fancy cell phone for more than just calling people! 🙂

    I now can show off a brand spanking new app telling me about Ontario Hydro power outages and another one that has a tornado warning system.

    I just respectfully hope, that I will never need to use either of them…..


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