Decks I talk about :)

This page provides links to all the decks I am talking – or mumbling on about 🙂

Soprafino Tarot:

From the net:

Minchiate Fiorentine posts on Shamanic Drum:

Greenwood Tarot:

I have here on this blog a special page with a PDF with the card images to download and Chesca Potter’s on line book explaining the images as she perceived them.More info is to be found at:

and in the pages of the Aeclectic Tarot Study group for this deck:

Tarocchi Celtici by Laura Tuan

Shakesperian Oracle by A. Bronwyn Llwewellin,a full fledged Tarot deck of the western world’s favourite bard


Tarot of Trees:


Roots of Asia Tarot:


 Great article about the history of Tarot and card reading:


The Healing Tarot  by Juno Lucina  ( I am not much of a fan of it 😦 )


The Crysalis Tarot:


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