Solstice reading day 9: Tarot Card Advice

9. Honey Moon – June 22:

This card shows us how to release anxieties or worries, how to enjoy ourselves in this moment.

4 of Arrows


I sooooo need that!

A huge Butterfly hovers protectively over a person reclining amids t4 staked arrows.

Is he/ she on a shamanic journey/ altered state of consciousness or merely sleeping, maybe dreaming?

I should opt for the former – with my line of work and all, this card often prompts me to journey, in order to uncover causes an solutions to problems, but today, honestly – I am opting for sleeping.

I have soooooooo much to do and sooooo much stuff is piling up, but after drawing this card early in the morning I opted to crawl back to bed for a while and take it easy today.

The pile of stuff to do will be there tomorrow.


Solstice reading card 8: Burning up Energy

8. Summer Solstice – June 21:

We are at the height of the sun’s power, the longest day, in the Northern Hemisphere.

This card shows us how to shine our own light like the Sun. 

2 of Wands

Well, the card sure looks like a Sun Person. I often see one of my Ancestor Guides like this with light and Medicine Energy radiating from her ethereal body.

In this card the Spirit Person is standing between the 2 wands, which also emanate light and fiery energy outward. The ground is illuminated by what looks like “Saint Johannes Fire” and the sparkling stars compete with an army of Fireflies.

How beautiful and energetic it looks!

The Summer Solstice in Canada is also National Aboriginal Day and many celebrations are taking place everywhere. Normally on the Summer solstice I am teaching and holding ceremony, but this year I knew, that Peter was away and it being a Wednesday and thereby Farmer’s Market day, I opted to just go to the Market. My friend, who is Native, her daughter and I greeted customers with “Happy Summer Solstice and happy National Aboriginal Day” and so raised awareness….

I had been up at 4.30 and watched the dawn rise, but here we had no sun. It was a dark morning, threatening rain, but by noon the sun came out and the temperature quickly climbed to seasonal.

I pulled this card of the day well after I got home, had completed my new routine of starting the generator and a million other mundane but necessary things. When I looked at the image, it made me take a deep breath. How beautiful and celebratory it is!

I was soooo exhausted, but it brought the light of the Solstice into my heart in a very visceral way.


Solstice reading card 7: My lucky number

7 Scrying – June 20:

In the tradition of scrying at the time of Midsummer, this card shows us a blessing to come. 

Five of Stones.

A person is sitting just inside the protective arch of a cave entrance while multiple lightning bolts from all sides speak of “heavy weather”. Nonetheless the person has managed to light a small fire, not so much for warmth but rather for comfort. The person is in a reflective mood, looking pensively into the flames.

I too am in a reflective mood today.

This morning I realized, I just barely dodged a bullet without even knowing about it.

I am sooooo lucky!

I went on a bit of a “recognizance” drive this morning, further down our bush road to find out, where actually the damage is, that all the Ontario electricity company trucks, vans and personnel carriers, helicopters and 18-wheelers loaded with hydro electric poles are headed.(= “Hydro” for us Canadians is the word used for electricity)

What I discovered is a scene of utter devastation just barely 1 mile away from my home: A micro- burst had hit there and over a 14 km radius thousands of Trees were down = cut off at a height of about 6 feet, thrown asunder onto the small cottage community at leach Lake 2 km away from here, obliterated several cottages and literally buried the road and all other infrastructure, electric poles, telephone lines and electricity lines.

The work crews can not even get to the downed lines right now, because the road is impassable…..

I had known, that storm had caused nasty damage, but not, that it was THIS BAD.

I am soooooooo lucky!!!!

I SAW the thing roaring across our property,past my house, even took a few pictures and then saw the Trees whipping in circular motion in the fury of the mini-tornado!

I am sooooo lucky, nothing happened to me or our house!

After talking to the fore-man of the various work crews and some cottages, that saw their dream on the lake shattered to pieces I crawled home to m little problem and resolved to shut up and stop wailing about not having “hydro” for a few days…..

Then, tending to my rattling generator I drew my card of the day for this spread, stared in disbelief at the image – and started to cry.

Yes, I am in a pensive mood.

Yes, I am safe from the storm.

I am soooooo lucky!

Solstice reading day 6: Of Sticks and Strengths

6. Oak King – June 19:

A dedication to the Oak King, who is now near the height of his power in his battle with the Holly King.

This card shows us our strength. 


Here I am!!

wielding a big stick at –

  • well, at Ontario Hydro for not turning our electricity back on before Tuesday evening,
  • at Xplorenet in New Brunswick, whom one has to phone to get an internet up-link repaired when it is busted by lightning and who have a 9 1/2 hour waiting line to take your call and then a 5 day wait until someone comes out here to fix it…..
  • and at Peter, for being on “vacation” and currently visiting all kinds of friends and relatives and eating nice food, while I have to eat whatever came half thawed out of my freezers…..
  • Grumble!!!!!

    Well, now to my other strengths – other than growling menacingly:

    Yes, I CAN deal with it all.

    It is a bit exhausting, but I manage. I always do. Stuff like quiet meditation will have to smoulder on the back-burner, but I have a lot of resilience to deal with all the little nasty stuff life throws at me/ us in our daily life.

    At times I have to reach a little deeper into my back pocket to find it and pull it out.

    For example, I have good people skills and with a few phone calls i managed to circumvent all the work order waiting lists and procedures at Xplorenet and have someone come up from Barrie right away. I knew someone who knows someone who knows someone who is / was a patient of mine and was glad to do me a little favour…..

    I got all my wildlife sorted: 2 Raccoon mothers, one not very healthy,, poor thing –  are getting medical care and their food and water on 2 DIFFERENT sides of the house, so that the growling and bite-fights stop. The Mother Bear, that comes around in late afternoon – 2 small cubs in toe, sadly gets none of the cat kibbles but I put some of the stuff from the freezer, that was “out over 24 hours” into the bush close to her day-bed for her, where only she can go and all the Coon- caboodle can not…..

    I am even up to snuff with my jewellery orders! 🙂

    when my strengths alone is not enough or I need the finesse of others, I know, when to call for help and I do.

    For right now, all my sticks are sorted and I can let my guard down a little…..

    Hey man! I am even learning something: How to use our new fancy cell phone for more than just calling people! 🙂

    I now can show off a brand spanking new app telling me about Ontario Hydro power outages and another one that has a tornado warning system.

    I just respectfully hope, that I will never need to use either of them…..

Solstice reading day 5: No Strawberries for this Hermit :(

5. Festival of Strawberries –

June 18:

As the strawberries ripen, this card shows us the sweetness in our lives. 

Well, being a Hermit alone in my hermitage definitely has its sweet sides. I can decide, when to do what and otherwise make some room in my daily schedule to do a few things for myself = like working on this spread, read one of my many new books, do some extended meditations or even- – – grzzzwong.

That was it.

Yesterday – that is….

With a loud rumble a large thunderstorm cell collided with a stubborn cold front right over my lonely bush rooftop, dumping a ton of icy hail and then proceed to uproot a few trees and dump them onto our 1500feet long driveway and onto the road into town.

Sure thing, the electricity was all whipped out, and with it the phone lines and the internet connections.

So by 3.00 pm I was truly a hermit, holding up my kerosine lamp to the electricity panel in the dark basement, wondering, how to get all my utilities going again.

The only difference between me and the person on my card now is, that it is the Summer Solstice we are approaching, that the hail is rapidly melting into grey mush, that I am not wearing a green cloak, but a zipped up mosquito jacket and there is no wren, but a nursing Raccoon mother, tits swollen with milk, sitting at my feet and wondering , what just happened. She is hungry but there are no more sweet strawberries to be had for either one of us. She can get some cat kibbles and I have to get to work getting our large generator going so there will be some lights in the house this evening.

By-by quiet rest and meditation 😦

Here comes hermit Mi-Shell in survivor mode…. 😦

Solstice reading card 4: Green lines of love and communication:

4. Juno, Goddess of Fertility and Union –

June 17: Celebrating the ancient Roman goddess for whom the month of June is named.

This card shows us an area of fertile growth in our lives. 

My card today is all green, with the glowing eye of the sun at the bottom, spitting out stars. White and yellow lines striving upward, some of them fill a red heart in the centre.

It is the 2 of cups reversed 😦

The 2 of cups is the scene of a handfasting ceremony between 2 ancestral Celtic Spirits: The Horse Goddess and the Green Stag. Selkies and Snakes are the bridegrooms and brides maids. The couple holds one pair of hands up towards the sun. Red hot passion flows from the heart in the centre upwards through these hands and merges with the energy of the sun. Their other hands join downward, love flowing into the 2 cups that stand between them. Male energy into her cup, female energy into his…..

The card is filled with the colours and symbols of fertile growth and abundance and festive celebration. All is wonderful, magical and passionate.

It ‘s just, that it is reversed.

It is true for me and my man right now. there is no reason for any festive mood or celebration at all – rather the reverse is true. All is well, loving and good between Peter and me, we are enjoying a flood of abundance in our lives right now, but we are physically separated by a continent and an ocean. We can communicate, once a day via phone. (He has no WI-fi ) His mom’s sun is setting – fast, filling all of us with dread of what is to come. She is confused and very angry at him for “barging in and meddling in her affairs, her independence.”

We have been through it before, with Peter’s dad.

Yes, we do communicate, once a day – so the lines of communication = the energy flow is still there – and strong, but I would sooo love to just hug him and give some comfort in all this…..

For right now however I am sitting in our beautiful all so VERY GREEN Canadian bush and all I can do is give some advice as to how to deal with someone with dementia and a sporadic memory.

Solstice Reading card 3: Of Foxes and Tears

3. Night of the Teardrop – June 16:

Remembrance of the tears of Isis causing the Nile River to overflow.

This card shows what our emotions are telling us at this time. 

For today I drew the Fox, the Knight of Wands

I seem to be going with a Wand theme here!

All growth, creativity , Fire, energy all the time, even when asked about a question, that addresses my feelings.

In terms of the question I am “hung up” on “night of the tears”.

Yes I could cry a river right now.

A river of tears for my Mother in law, Elisabeth, who at 89 is rapidly sliding into dementia. She bravely tries to cover up her multiple lapses with some sarcastic wit, a typical symptom of the problem. My husband is now over in Germany, with her to rally his 2 brothers and come up with all the sad stuff that will have to happen next, that will curtail her independence and send her off on the long lonely road into darkness.

I could also cry roaring rivers of angry tear for my sister/ friend and for my Native American teacher Ed ( ***)  both befallen with cancer in the later stages.

Yes, I do/ did drum and ask the Spirits for help, and for a while it worked on one and will still work on the other, but I was also told by the Spirits, that ultimately both stand in the sunset of their life……

As a shaman, I can help – to some extend……

But I can not prevent the inevitable.

Not for myself and not for others. We all will have to take that journey at some point.

So often I just cry a river….. and pray, for them to “be in Grace” as long and as well as possible.

The Fox on my card stands within – what in Siberia we call a “dalbur”, a wishing rod.

Some people can use them to witch for water, shamans decorate them with bells for the Sky Spirits and Horse hair for “Hümorü” = Windhorse Energy = Life Energy and then we work on our patients with them. My dalbur also has Raven claws, for Ee’ren Karakoruk, who guides Souls…..

The Fox – I wrote a very long post about Fox Medicine on the Shamanic Drum blog , so ifff anyone is interested, check it out.

Fox like every predator knows everything about death. He is a knight of the swift kill. That is his wisdom. That is, what gives him life.

Ee’ren Dilgiczek is turning around and looking back.

At what was – a full life, well lived, full of love and creativity, kids, grand kids…..

As I am drying my tears, I am taking comfort in that